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W. John Gadd, Esq.,graduated from Davis & Elkins College with a Bachelor of Arts in History. After college, Mr. Gadd attended the University of West Virginia College of Law where he received his Juris Doctor (JD) in May 2000. Upon graduation Mr. Gadd moved to Central Florida.


Mr. Gadd was an associate for Wayne Allen in Melbourne, Florida and at Smith, Feddeler, Smith & Miles, P.A. in Lakeland, Florida. Mr. Gadd represents employees in all types of employment and labor matters before administrative, state and federal courts and commissions; furthermore Mr. Gadd represents clients in immigration matters before the immigration court and various USCIS offices.


On January 17, 2003 the Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration awarded Mr. Gadd the Pilot Proficiency Award Program Phase I Wings.  Attorney Gadd has also authored The Orphan Patriot, which was the feature cover story on the St. Petersburg Bar Association Magazine May 2009.The Law Office of W. John Gadd,P.A.,is focused heavily upon serious injury matters, consumer law and wage theft.  Attorney Gadd has litigated hundreds of cases in state and federal court as well as in the administrative courts, including Department of Defense and Longshore Cases.



The Law Office of W. John Gadd, P.A., provides litigation services for accident victims, consumers and employees who have been wrongfully terminated or victimized by employers who commit wage theft.


Attorney Gadd has filed hundreds of cases on behalf of ordinary persons who might otherwise have had no recourse.  These persons included consumers who have been taken advantage of by debt collectors and employees who have been required to work hours for which they were not paid.


If you have been the victim of an accident or if you are dealing with debt collectors who fill your mail box with junk mail or blow up your cell phone with "robo calls", perhaps we can help.  Likewise, if you are the type of hard worker that arrives early, works through lunch and/or stays late with out fair compensation, please call our office.  


For every wrong, there is a way to make it right. There is always something you can do to protect your rights.

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